Dry Brushing Body Brush Set

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Dry Brushing Body Brush Set - Best for Cellulite, Lymphatic & Skin Exfoliating 

    • ALL NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES - Our body brushes are masterfully crafted using the finest boars hair bristles, for a naturally exfoliating experience that won't cause fall out and loss of bristles over time. Designed with smooth, artisan wood contours
    • FIGHT CELLULITE & RESTORE SKIN - Take full advantage of our fascia blasting, cellulite reducer, skin-restoring design that breaks up fat deposits & fascia to blast away the appearance of cellulite. Boosts energy & removes toxins
    • PROMOTE CIRCULATION & LYMPHATICS - Use dry massage brush for a restorative, circulatory boosting treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage & natural detox
    • DETACHABLE LONG HANDLE - Our 3 piec dry brush set includes a detachable long handle that fits snug & secure to both our exfoliator Body Brush and handy Cellulite Massager. Use to scrub or rub all your hard-to-reach areas and get glowing results
    • DRY BRUSHING - Promotes skin renewal and exfoliation, and is one of Ayurveda’s daily self care steps (Ayurveda translates to life science or life knowledge, a personalized system to maintain health and balance). Helps improve the efficiency of the skin to eliminate toxins and other impurities. Dry brushing your dead skin helps with the absorption of oils, lotions and creams increases which makes your skin look softer and healthier